Baby Seat Taxi Laws Melbourne, Victoria

Baby Seat Rules In Melbourne

Being a baby seat taxi provider in Melbourne we have observed that there is always a confusion in the minds of parents about baby seat taxi laws in Melbourne, Victoria. Even people who book taxi with baby seat in Melbourne are not always aware of laws related to using baby seats in taxis. We feel it as our responsibility to share this worthy information with our customers. In this blog we will explain the Australian rules regarding baby seat in taxis. The requirement of baby seats depends upon the type of vehicle you are travelling i.e. taxi, Rideshare and chauffeur driven vehicles.
Baby Seat Taxi Laws Melbourne, Victoria

Travelling With Baby In A Chauffeur Car

All the children under the age of 7 must sit in an appropriate car seat while travelling in a chauffeur driven vehicle(VHA town cars) in Melbourne, Victoria. The type of baby seat to be used depends upon the size and age of baby. For example, new born babies upto age of 6 months must travel in infant capsule or rear facing baby seat. Children between the age of 6 months and 4 years must travel in rear facing or forward facing toddler seat depending upon the size and weight of the child. Children from the age 4 years upto 7 years must travel in forward facing baby seat or booster seat depending upon the size and weight of the child.

Travelling With Baby In A Taxi

Taxis in Melbourne are allowed to transport children without baby seat. Only taxis are exempted from this law. Children below 1 year must sit in adult’s lap and children above the age 1 must sit in back seats in their own seat. However, passengers can bring their own baby seats for their babies.

Travelling With Baby In A Rideshare

All Rideshare vehicles must use appropriate baby seats while carrying out transfers of children below the age of 7. It includes VHA vehicles, limousines, hire car services, Ola, Uber, Didi, etc.

However, 13 Silver Airport Cab advices all the responsible parents to use proper baby seats while traveling with their little ones for safety purposes.

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